Buying a Second Hand Car: How to Guarantee Quality and Value

Used Car

According to new figures from an influential report, used car sales in the UK have hit an impressive nine-year high. This has in turn generated a record market value of £42.7 billion, as consumers are increasingly motivated to save money and get more value for their hard earned capital. In addition to this, it is also worth noting that dealerships and automotive retailers also reclaimed a larger share of this expanding market, operating 58% as opposed to the 38% controlled by private vendors. Continue Reading →

Should I Buy my Next Car Online? The Key Considerations

Buy Car Online

According to recent statistics, digital holiday shopping will rise once again this year and showcase an impressive increase of 10% on last year. In addition to this, a survey conducted by Adobe across more than 400 U.S. consumers has revealed that 40% of them will consult social media to identify, reference and ultimately purchase products in 2014. This confirms that the online platform is now dominant in terms of sourcing and buying products, especially as consumers continue to prioritise value and financial savings. Continue Reading →

How and where can Young Women Secure Cheap Car Insurance?

Car Insurance For Women

When they were first introduced in 2012, the European Unions’ Gender Neutral legislation created a great deal of confusion throughout an entire continent. Many people still struggle to understand its impact to this day, although it was intended to prevent insurers and financial service providers from discriminating against consumers on the basis of the gender. This led to variable results across multiple industries, although as a general rule it was female consumer who came off worse. Continue Reading →

The Volkswagen Golf: The World’s Most Respected Car?

Volkswagen Golf

While the world is full of eye-catching and high specification cars, few command the same level of respect as the Volkswagen Golf. Arguably the most popular and highly sought after compact car of all time, the model recently celebrated its 40th birthday while Volkswagen have recently introduced the seventh generation of Golf models and continue to innovate with frightening pace and consistency. With a proud and rich history, many experts also claim that the Golf stands head and shoulders as the most respected car in modern history. Continue Reading →