Tips for Buying a Used Car

used cars

Buying a used car instead of a new one has major advantages. The fact that the value of a new car will depreciate significantly over time is the greatest advantage to buying a used car, financially speaking. Here are a few of the main points to consider when you’re thinking of buying a used vehicle.

History & Safety

Always make sure you check the car’s history. The following are crucial:

  • V5C – insist on seeing this document if you’re buying through an individual – this will ensure the person selling is not selling the car on someone else’s behalf.
  • MOTCheck the car’s MOT history throughout its lifespan for a comprehensive look at any issues and problems that have previously occurred.
  • Cam Belt – Ensure the cam belt (if the car uses a belt and not a chain) has been replaced if needed.
  • Security – Make sure the security system is in full working order
  • Handbook – Ensure you will be provided with the car’s handbook – these can be costly to replace if missing.
  • Keys – Usually, a spare will be provided – ask the reason if there is only one key. They are costly to replace in modern cars and a spare is very useful if one becomes faulty.

Make sure it hasn’t been previously stolen, cloned or had a number plate transfer. A reputable provider, like Shelbourne Motors, will be able to provide this information for you.  

Test Drive

It is highly inadvisable to by any car without taking a test drive first. This can really determine if a car is worth your financial and practical commitment, and ultimately if the cart is right for your needs and budget. Viewing the car in good light and having a detailed look inside and out for any signs of undeclared wear and tear that could indicate a lower value than the asking price.


Carefully analysing the costs of running and initial outlay of car finance is imperative to operate within your budget. Buying a used car opens your options up for negotiating the price. Remember to be firm when you haggle with the dealer and keep your budget in mind. 

Don’t be pressured into buying a vehicle you have reservations about. After all, there are always going to be other options. Make the smart decision and make sure all your criteria can be met. After you’ve received as much information as you can about the car, make an offer within your budget. 


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